3 Tips On How To Know Which Security Camera Fits Your Home

March 6th, 2020

When you are shopping for a security camera at home, chances are you will be bombarded with so many options. Nowadays, most homeowners consider having more pairs of eyes around the home to be a good way to protect themselves.

Yet with the many options available, where will you start? If you are not familiar with the industry, here are a few things you need to remember.

Live Feed Cameras

Two considerations that most homeowners tend to look for in security cameras would be constant access to live feed and video quality. Even the most basic of security cameras would require live feed, especially when it is connected to the Internet. What's advantageous with this kind of access is that homeowners can check in what happens at home even when they are out of Cottageville.

The video quality may seem to be an important factor for video use. But in the context of security cameras, it might be better to go for a lower resolution.  Higher resolutions can result in eating up more bandwidth from your data. Best to get a security camera that can be adjusted, depending on your resolution needs and your data's bandwidth capability.

360 Degree Cameras: A Panoramic, Detailed View

Essentially, 360-degree security cameras offer higher resolution. Part of this is in its unique feature of providing a wider view of an image to avoid blindspots within your property. This would be a fitting security camera for individuals who have higher data bandwidth. Homeowners who live in areas where they have few neighbors and more blindspots within a specific radius of their homes might benefit from this type of camera.

They also provide good behavioral tracking of the same image or footage captured around the house. This is because stored video footage contains the full 360-degree view, so investigators and police authorities in Cottageville who examine footage for your home after an incident will have an easier time.

Specialty Cameras: For More Specific Purposes

For homeowners in Cottageville who are looking for cameras to address more specific purposes, there is a special type of camera for this. Specialty cameras may include low-light cameras, cameras with higher resolutions or megapixels, and thermal cameras.

Low light cameras have infrared illuminators, which allow them to capture images even with very low lighting. These are perfect for cameras outside the home, especially in nooks of the house that are not well-lit. High-resolution cameras offer better detail. However, since high-resolution can eat into your data, it is best to evaluate if you can go for a compromise of good quality with minimal bandwidth consumption.

Finally, there are thermal cameras. This type captures images that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Even with obstructions and suboptimal lighting, it is possible to capture images using this camera. Again, you need to be discerning in terms of the need for this camera, especially if the goal is to deter threats and provide ample protection.

T7 Video Security provides security and peace of mind for all homes. Whether it is for regular security cameras or specialty cameras to make you feel even safer, you can count on the different offers of this expert security systems provider.