Are You Going To Be Heading Out Of Town? If Yes, Utilize These Suggestions To Safeguard Your Home

February 7th, 2020

By all means, there is nothing wrong with a person going out of town for business or pleasure. After all, sometimes, Cottageville employees have to meet with clients and vendors in different cities or states. Then again, many people enjoy planning vacations and getting away from the same old daily grind. The trips allow them to relax and unwind before they have to return home and get back to their ordinary routines. However, whether traveling for business or pleasure, homeowners must take certain precautions to ensure that they don't come back to a house that thieves have picked clean. 

That is not something that any Cottageville citizen wants to experience. Why? Well, for one, a break-in could cause them to feel vulnerable in thinking that the burglar will pay the house another visit. Not to mention, having to deal with the insurance company afterward can prove to be quite stressful and overwhelming. Hence, it is best to take action now, ahead of going out of town, to prevent unpleasant consequences later.

Now, this article is going to change gears. The following sections are going to offer homeowners some suggestions, which might keep burglars at bay. Therefore, curious Cottageville parties should stay put and read on to learn more. 

Install An Intrusion Alarm For 24/7 Protection

Often, posted alarm signs and burglar alarms themselves are enough to deter burglars. However, it may be in your best interest to obtain an intrusion alarm with 24/7 monitoring. Then, should a perpetrator breach the perimeter, while you are home or out of town, the monitoring company will notify the police of the disturbance. That allows officers to arrive on the scene quickly to investigate the situation. Hopefully, they will catch the intruder in the act and arrest him or her right there on the spot.

Having a burglar alarm can help in making your trip worry-free. The devices provide homeowners with peace of mind in knowing that professionals are watching over their property. So, don't hesitate to contact our office to schedule a free security needs assessment today. 

Place Valuables Inside A Home Safe

Just having a safe is not enough. The container needs to be bolted to the floor securely as well. Homeowners that fail to mount the safe may be in for a bit of a surprise if the thief takes the entire unit. However, when installed correctly, a home safe is a great place to store valuables ahead of going out of town. Social security numbers, bank account statements, cash, jewelry, and more can be locked away in the box. Without the combination or PIN, the burglar will not be able to gain access to the belongings inside. Avoid keeping the number posted somewhere in the home. Instead, memorize the code yourself and only give it to someone that you can truly trust. 

Always Check Door And Window Locks

Believe it or not, many burglars gain entrance into a home via an unlocked door or window. So, before your trip, take some time to check all of your home's locks to ensure that they are working and in the locked position. This simple task might be enough on its own to prevent break-ins. 

Don’t hesitate to call T7 Video Security to discuss your intrusion alarm options.