Do You Have Remote Monitoring For Your Home Security?

March 13th, 2020

Homes in Cottageville, SC, whether they already have security cameras installed or not, benefit from remote monitoring. Remote monitoring is one of the top advancements in home security today, and it’s something that is so simple and so effective it has a place in any household or on any property. All too often homeowners of Cottageville, SC have neighbors or loved ones stop by while they’re away to “check-in” on the home. Not only does this impose another chore on those you’re asking to check on the property, but it also leaves time between updates when you’ll experience stress. If you’re away on a vacation, you shouldn’t need to stress about what is happening back home. 

Remote monitoring takes your security camera footage in Cottageville, SC and sends it right to your smartphone device. This allows you to make these “check-ins” yourself, and you can do it from anywhere in the world. 

The Benefits Of Remote Monitoring For Your Home Security 

There are a number of benefits that remote monitoring brings to your home security, and some of these benefits include: 

  • Check-in from anywhere at any time – Whether you’re taking a two-week vacation abroad, or you’re just at the office late, you can always check in on what is going on at your home. This allows you to see if that package got delivered to the front porch, it allows you to make sure the house hasn’t been broken in to, and it even can check-in and make sure that a strong storm didn’t cause any damage. 

  • Notifications sent to your phone – With remote monitoring, you can even have push notifications sent to your phone should your cameras pick up anything amiss. This will let you know immediately if an unexpected visitor is at the door, or if a break-in is occurring. You can save this footage right to your phone and use it as evidence if needed. 

  • Check-in on kids and pets – When kids get a little older, like approaching the teenage age, you may begin to give them a bit more freedom. With remote monitoring connected to the cameras inside of your home, you can make sure they’ve come straight home from school and begun their homework before going out like they promised they would. For households with pets, remote monitoring allows you to check in on Fluffy and Fido while you’re at work, making sure they’re not back at using your throw pillows as their own personal chew toys. 

  • Keep watch on packages and deliveries – Remote monitoring can also be connected to your front door camera, giving you a prime view of your packages and deliveries as they come. For areas of the region prone to porch pirating, you can even capture handheld evidence should your packages do go missing. 

Remote Monitoring To Connect You To Your Security 

With smartphones in our hands anyway, why not be better connected to your security? If you’re interested in remote monitoring for your home security, contact us at T7 Video Security today.