Security Can Help With The Troubling Times Ahead

April 3rd, 2020

Everyone in Cottageville, SC is facing a massive crisis, the likes of which haven’t been seen in the United States in generations. The COVID-19 virus is sweeping through the nation. For some states, containment is already impossible; the only thing that can be done now is trying to minimize the casualties. 

Tragically, this isn’t even a national crisis; this is a global pandemic. The people and businesses here in Cottageville, SC must prepare for it, and that means taking some extra security measures. Here are some of the industries and facilities that benefit.


Retail properties that are open to the public can always benefit from security measures, such as alarms and cameras. However, pharmacies, in particular, will have cause for more concern and caution during these troubling times. When things become uncertain, especially in a situation where the trouble is medical, medications become a target for theft or even looting.

Security such as reasonable access control for prescription medication and surveillance cameras will be necessary for both theft prevention and investigation. As people seek out medication either for black market purposes or for their own use, pharmacies become a natural target for crime.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities also benefit greatly from security during times of trouble. In an epidemic situation like the one happening now, more and more people are concerned with medically safe masks and gloves for themselves. This type of equipment, of course, exists in abundance at medical facilities, along with essential medications.

Unfortunately, sometimes these assets are stolen as a result of internal theft, such as prescription-grade narcotics stolen to make money on the side on the black market. Access control systems are excellent in these situations. They can not only block access to storage areas for unauthorized personnel. They also record the times a door was open and who’s numeric code, keycard or biometrics were used to open it. This ensures that medical equipment and medication stay where it is needed most with the professionals.


While many retail and non-essential businesses are shut down, this is, unfortunately, a good time for criminals to exercise their tendencies. An alarm system is essential for any business that is closed. The activation of an alarm, when paired with a response from a security or law enforcement organization, means that criminals will have a minimal window of time for theft. Compared to a business with no alarms, this can sometimes mean the difference between a quick invasion and a more careful, thorough search and destruction of the property for anything valuable.

Surveillance cameras are also important because these can be helpful to the police when conducting an investigation. Human witnesses and memory are fallible, often getting details wrong. A surveillance camera, with an exact timestamp of activities, as well as good resolution to capture identifying characteristics like height, weight, and color of clothing can help the police investigation, as well as prosecution in court.

If you want to have more security for your property here in Cottageville, SC during this time of crisis, we can help. Contact T7 Video Security, and we can assess your property to find the best way to protect it.