Keeping Your Senior Relatives Safe With Video Security

March 20th, 2020

As our older family members age, we all begin to worry about their safety. With both physical and mental decline, we worry that if something happens when we aren’t around, they may get seriously hurt. On top of that concern, we don’t want to have to take away their important need for independence and place them in a Cottageville retirement home before it’s really time. Fortunately, with today’s modern security cameras, you can keep an eye on your senior relatives while letting them stay in their Cottageville homes.

Monitor And Respond To Emergency Situations

The first way that security cameras can help seniors is by being able to monitor for emergencies. If a senior falls or hurts themselves and has no way to reach out for help, it can be very scary. With remote monitoring, you can check in routinely to make sure they are still safe and sound. If there is an emergency situation, you’ll be able to react more quickly and get the first responders there in time to help. Furthermore, these modern systems can also be integrated with portables that your senior relatives can wear to help trigger alarms when a threat emerges. 

Keep A Watchful Eye On Caregivers

If your senior relatives are at the point that they need a little extra support, it’s natural to consider hiring a caregiver. However, this is a scary prospect considering 1 in 10 elders will experience some form of abuse. Facing these scary statistics, a home surveillance camera system can be really helpful. With surveillance cameras and remote monitoring, you can check in on your relatives and make sure that caregivers are not engaging in any abusive behaviors. This will not only help protect your senior relatives, but will give you peace of mind that they are not being targeted for abuse. 

Discrete Systems To Help Support Without Intrusion

No one wants to feel like they are being watched 24/7/365. So an intrusive security system can make anyone feel uncomfortable. Luckily with modern technology, you and your senior relatives can implement a home security system without being intrusive. Today’s cameras are small and can be integrated with other smart home features. They can be installed in the public areas of the home, leaving private spaces for your family members. This will help your senior relatives feel confident without feeling like they are being babysat.

At T7 Video Security in Cottageville, our experts understand how important it is to create a system that will keep your senior relatives safe. We offer the latest technologies that can be integrated so you can do everything from monitoring your family members to turn off the lights if they accidentally leave them on. Our systems will help give you and your senior relatives peace of mind and keep them living in comfort in their own homes. To learn more about the features available to protect seniors, give us a call. Our experts will walk you through the technology and answer any questions you and your relatives have about the system.